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  • Thesis Topic Announcement Form

    Download the Thesis Topic Announcement Form for Operation and Maintenance Specialization here.
  • Formal requirement of the thesis

    Read the Formal Requirements of the Thesis here.
    Look at the form of the first page here.
    Look at the form of the cover here.
  • Plagiarism Statement

    Download the Plagiarism Statement here. Tovább
  • Consultation Sheet

    Download the Consultation Sheet here.
  • Documents to be handed in with a Thesis

    1.       One bound copy of the thesis

    This copy is going to be returned after the state exam. Hereafter the University is going to store only the electronic version of the theses. If an outer reviewer needs a bound copy for reviewing another bound copy must be done too. If an outer reviewer does not need a bound copy for reviewing one bound copy is enough to be handed in.


    A thesis must contain the followings:

    a thesis sheet (the actual department makes it according to the topic sheet)

    a consultation sheet (the inner consultant keeps and gives it out)

    a plagiarism statement  

    an occasional confidentiality agreement (a student or a firm can propose it)


    2.       A CD or a DVD


    Considering the fact that the University stores the theses in electronic version only a completed date medium can be accepted. We would like to ask you to check carefully whether your CD or DVD contains all the following documents and forms.

    1.       The full material of your thesis in Microsoft Word or PDF format

    2.       Your thesis sheet (coloured scanned with original signatures)

    3.       Your plagiarism statement (coloured scanned with original signatures)

    4.       Your consultation sheet (coloured scanned with original signatures)

    5.       Your occasional confidentiality statement

    6.       Your passport photo (4x4 cm)

    7.       A summary in English

    8.       A summary in Hungarian


    On the cover of your CD must be written your name, your Neptun code, the title of your thesis and the deadline of handing in (Being printed is preferred.)


    3.       To be handed in with the thesis, but not in bound version

    1.       A summary in English

    2.       A summary in Hungarian


    4.       Some useful information about the “Summary”


    Although its content is quite similar to the so called “Summary” chapter of a thesis this summary is not the same. It must be set up in such way so that anyone reading this only one page can get a full conception about the study. Therefore it must contain the student’s target, the topics and the tasks he/she worked out and what methods he/she used. The student must summarize his/her conclusion in some sentences.

    Mr. Zsolt Tiba Program Coordinator checks the Summaries in Hungarian but they must be handed in to Ms Judit Bak secretary of the Department of Mechanical Engineering or can be sent in e-mail to

    Its length is a maximum of one page A/4. The number of characters with spaces must be 2400.

    The following letterings can be used:

    -          Times New Roman CE size 12

    -          Arial CE size 11

    Linespacing must be 1.5 and margin type must be normal.


    The Summary in Hungarian is not be bounded to the thesis it need not be exactly the translation of the English version because of quantity limits.

    The Summary must include the title and the purpose of the thesis, the name of the company which provided the task, the solved partial tasks, the used methods, its results, the opportunities of its usage.

    A student whose Summary in Hungarian is not satisfactory after the third correction cannot fulfil the terms of handing in a thesis.