Hunor hits the road

2018, July 9 - 14:09
Students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen are preparing for this year’s Shell Eco-marathon with Hunor, one of the country’s most energy efficient vehicles. The world’s leading energy efficiency competition is organised in London between July 5 and 8.

Debrecen University’s DE MK TEAM first took part in the energy efficiency competiton sponsored by Shell two years ago. In the competition students design and build unique, innovative vehicles which then compete to find out which  can cover the longest distance using 1 litre of fuel or a single kWh energy. The present record of fuel consumption is  3771km/l.   The Debrecen team entered for the competiton with Hunor then, an innovation entirely of its own control, which they have since further developed. They gave a report on the changes at the Faculty of Technology on Thursday.

In order to save even more energy, they have developed new electronic control over the past few months complemented by a special measuring system.  They have also improved the steering system, the suspension and the cowlings, too.  17 students participated in the design and building work: students of engineering and mechatronics, technical managers and economic managers. They are travelling to London with two new pilots. who also did a few test runs  at the Thursday show of the car.

- Our best result so far has been 102,8 km/kWh, which we hope to exceed in London with the new control. We tried to involve as many first year students as possible in the development so that they, too, can get to know the vehicle and contribute to the team’s good reputation when carrying on their work, said Attila Magyari, leader of the DE MK Team.

The race will be held on a street curcuit this time, too, in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where the vehicles need to observe the prescribed speed of 25 km/h and will need to take two 180 degree turns, too.  The unconcealed purpose of the sponsor company with the energy efficiency competition is to develop future technologies and smart solutions that will imoact everyday transport, too.

This year 145 teams from 24 countries have entered for the Shell Eco-marathon, Hungary is represented by students of the University of Debrecen as well as those of the Kandó Kálmán Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola of Kecskemét with their vehicles.


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