Registration period (Choosing active or passive student status): 26 January 2021, 8:00 AM – 14 February 2021, 11:59 PM
(Faculty) course registration/deregistration period (Selecting courses offered by the faculty): 2 February 2021, 8:00 AM – 21 February 2021, 11:59 PM


Start date for selecting courses outside of the faculty, e.g. Work and Fire Safety course, optional courses offered by other faculties: 4 February 2021, 8:00 AM – 21 February 2021, 11:59 PM
Course registration/deregistration period for Physical Education:  3 February 2021, 8.00 AM – 14 February 2021, 11:59 PM (Please note that after this deadline, PE registration/deregistration is not possible.)

Please kindly note that after 21 February 2021 course registration/deregistration is not possible!
Please also note the "Class schedule planner" (a function on Neptun with which students can plan their timetable in advance) does not show your official and finalized course selection. Courses which are added to the "Class schedule planner" are not registered yet.
Please do not forget that classes start in the second week of February (8-12 February). Absences count from this week onwards.


Late course registration requests may be submitted electronically by 26 February 2021. Requests submitted after this date will not be accepted. The form is available here. Please note that if your request is accepted, you have to pay the late course registration fee on Neptun (1500 HUF) in order to be registered for the given course.


On Neptun you can have a look at the registration/subject registration periods under „Information”, then „Periods” (Please choose: 2020/21/2).
Students register on Neptun on their own under Administration, then Enrollment/Registration, Choose 2020/21/2, Enroll, Term status: Active or Passive. Registration is obligatory, passive status should be registered, as well. If a student has unpaid items on Neptun or he/she has pending tuition fees, selecting active/passive student status and course selection will not be possible.

In case you have any kind of Neptun technical problem relating to subject registration, please contact your faculty administrator from the International Office, Faculty of Engineering via email by providing your Neptun-code and full name. He/she will remove the technical failure so that you can complete the subject registration on your own.
Contact details (International Office, Faculty of Engineering):

Subject registration on Neptun: under “Subjects”, then “Register for subjects”. When registering, term 2020/21/2 should be selected. Note: On the right there is a drop down menu where the curriculum or the stream can be selected on Neptun. Some courses are available if the curriculum in question is selected (for e.g. Mechanical Eng. BSc 2017), others are available if the stream in question (for e.g. Operation and Maintenance Specialization) is chosen. Please do not forget to register for both lecture and practice/seminar if both of them are available. Please always read the "note" and "description" fields on Neptun which contain essential technical information about the course e.g. a course can have more than one group. Some groups are meant for Civil Eng. BSc students, others are meant for Mechanical Eng. or Mechatronic Eng. BSc students (to avoid timetable conflict/clash). If for some reasons subjects do not appear in your timetable on Neptun, please check time and venue of the class under “Subjects”, “Registered subjects”, then click on the “Subject name”.

If you need to take an exam course or a comprehensive exam, please sign up for it in the subject registration period (on Neptun under "Register for subjects") so that you can register for an exam date in the exam period. Later on (during the study period or the examination period) it will not be possible to register for an exam course or a comprehensive exam. In case you want to take an exam course but it is not open on Neptun, please contact the course instructor or the administrative assistant from the department. (An exam course does not have scheduled classes. It is an opportunity for students who have already obtained the signature in a course ending with an exam grade. Students can take the exam in the particular exam course in the examination period. The grade for the next unit can only be submitted on Neptun if the grade has previously been submitted for the exam course/prerequisite course.)

Also, in general, if a course is supposed to be open on Neptun but it is not (for. e.g courses from curricula before 2017), please get in touch with your administrative officer from Faculty of Engineering, International Office without delay in the subject registration period. You might be required to fill out a request form so that you can be registered for the particular course.


In case you have obtained the signature previously in a course and intend to take the next unit which is built upon it, please get in touch with your administrator from the International Office, Faculty of Engineering and ask him/her to help you with subject registration.

In this case, please note that according to the Rules and Regulations of the University of Debrecen, "Same-semester registration for courses building upon each other is possible if the student obtained the semester signature of the prerequisite courses in an earlier semester. Examination requirements of courses need to be completed in the sequence designated in the prerequisites, and failing to do so will result in the Education Committee destroying achieved results."

In order to help you follow the right order, we will disable exam registration in case of the parallelly registered subjects built on others, so we would like to ask you to let us know when the grade of the prerequisite subject gets entered in the Neptun system in the exam period so that we can unlock exam registration for the subjects built on them.
Please note that this will not affect exam registration for other subjects.

For more information on the exam period, please click here.



Note: If you started for e.g. Civil Eng. BSc in 2017/18/1, then generally speaking Curriculum of Civil Engineering BSc 2017 applies to you. To make sure please check your own curriculum on Neptun under "Subjects", "Register for subjects", "Curriculums".
At our faculty particular courses are open only in the autumn semester (semester 1, 3, 5, 7), others are open only in the spring semester (semester 2, 4, 6, 8).
This semester courses are open from semester 2, 4, 6 and 8 according to curriculum 2017 and after.

When registering for courses please take into account the prerequisites. Only those courses can be registered whose prerequisites have been fulfilled. If due to Neptun technical problem or administrative failure you are able to register for a course without having completed the prerequisite course(s) before, the administrator has the right to delete your course registration on Neptun.
Regarding the system of prerequisites, please see page 89 article 5 section 4 in Rules and Regulations:
Timetables will shortly appear here:
For the time being please check Neptun for timetable information.


Neptun user guide:
How to pay via Neptun: (under „Belépés/Log in”, „Hallgatói/Student”, „Letölthető dokumentumok”, the very last document at the bottom: „paying via Neptun”)
University of Debrecen:
Academic calendar:

Guide for finding lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering:
Guidelines for conformity:
Rules and Regulations:


Depending on your training program the completion of a certain number of credit points of optional courses is required for graduation.
Therefore, please follow the link below and read detailed information on optional courses here:


In this case a credit transfer request form is to be filled out (electronically, no hand-written forms are accepted, course codes and course titles are to be copied from the particular curriculum in Microsoft Excel) and submitted in printed version along with a copy of the transcript of records and course descriptions.
Please note that you may submit only one transfer request during your studies.

Details here
For Engineering Management MSc students:


Deadline for submitting credit transfer request forms in 2020/21/2: 19 February 2021 (starting from 1 February 2021)

Please register for the course/s on Neptun which you think will be transferred for you. In case of a negative decision you will have to complete the course. In case of a positive decision you will be deregistered from the normal course/s and the transferred course/s will be registered on Neptun by administrators of the International Office (Faculty of Engineering) after the credit transfer request form has been approved. Transfer students can transfer no more than 60% of the total credits of the particular program and are expected to complete at least 40% of the total credits of the particular program at the University of Debrecen.
Please note the student status of tuition fee paying students shall expire within the programme duration if he/she cannot obtain an average of 10 credit points in the last two active semesters. Under particular circumstances transfer students' individual cases might be reconsidered.


Erasmus students:
Visiting students:


Please find detailed information on pre-masters courses here:


Should you have any problems relating to PE registration (subject code on Neptun: SI-003, Subject registration on Neptun under “All other subjects in the institution”), please turn to Mrs Erika Lovas Baranyai (email: ) preferably via email during the subject registration period for PE in the Coordinating Institute for Sports Sciences (4032, Debrecen Mórizs Zsigmond körút 22. Lajos Markusovszky Dormitory III, room 1, Auguszta):
Office hours: Monday through Thursday: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m., Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon

Timetables will soon be available at:
and on Nepun and will soon be pinned on the noticeboard of the Centre.
PE classes start in the second week of February (8-12 February).
In case you sign up for Unifit Fitness through Neptun, please find detailed information here:

Taking the course Physical Education is necessary for graduation:
For BSc students: 2 semesters of PE
For MSc students: 1 semester of PE

Completing Physical Education is one of the outcome requirements of all training programs.Further information on Physical Education here:


First-year students are supposed to complete the online course, called Work and Fire Safety in the first semester of their studies so that later on the laboratory practical classes could be completed without any difficulties.

Subject code: MUNKAVEDELEM (Subject registration on Neptun under “All other subjects in the institution”), Course code: ENGLISH

BSc: registration and completion are necessary for graduation
MSc: registration and completion are necessary only if BSc diploma has been awarded outside of the University of Debrecen

Completion: online
Login: Neptun ID plus password
Please read the material until the end to get the signature on Neptun for the completion of the course.
Information on Work and Fire Safety on our homepage here:


Please check your own curriculum regarding internsip (whether it is mandatory or not, in which semester you are supposed to take it, in which semester you are required to sign up for the course on Neptun). It is highly recommended to start seeking internship places in time.
Please read the detailed description of the internship below (depending on your training program). Also, a list of possible companies where students have already completed their internship can be found below.

Civil Eng. BSc and Urban Systems Engineering MSc:
Mechanical Eng. BSc:
Mechatronics Eng. BSc:
Professional Pilot BSc:
Engineering Management MSc:
Mechanical Eng. MSc:
Mechatronical Eng. MSc:
Environmental Engineering MSc:
Students not participating in the Stipendium Scholarship Program might apply for Erasmus traineeship. Details here:



Please note that from now on, you should request the transcript of records and the certificate of student status from the Coordinating Center for International Education. Please see who to contact below:

New students enrolled in their first semester at the University of Debrecen
Tuition fee-paying students: Ms. Ibolya Kun ( ) or Ms. Kornélia Szabó-Kulcsár ( )
BSc Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders: Ms. Annamária Rácz ( )
MSc Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders: Ms. Lilla Almási-Fónai ( )

Rest of students
Tuition fee-paying students: Mr. Ádám Losonczi ( ) or Mr. Norbert Balogh ( )
Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders: Ms. Nóra Dede ( ) or Ms. Beáta Lovadi ( )



Please check your Neptun messages and emails on a daily basis because they are the primary means of communication at the university.
Please ensure that your email address on Neptun (under “My data”, “Contact information”, “Email addresses”) is up to date. Update it if necessary because most Neptun messages (sent by lecturers, administrators) are automatically forwarded to the email address given on Neptun.

Automatic Neptun messages (grade modifications, exam date announcement, subject/course registration) are not necessarily forwarded to your email address. On Neptun under "Messages" (menu bar on the left), please select "Settings", then "Message Forwarding". Here you can select what type of Neptun messages (for e.g. messages concerning exam grade registration, messages concerning subject/course registration) you wish to be forwarded to your email address indicated on Neptun.

Please also check your personal data on Neptun (for e.g. first name, family name, mother’s name, country of birth, place of birth, etc...) under “My data”, “Personal information”. Should something be missing or wrong, please contact the Coordinating Centre for International Education.


Kind regards,
International Office, Faculty of Engineering

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