Lean Manufacturing Engineer/Lean Manager Postgraduate Course

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Qualification obtained

  • Lean Manufacturing Engineer or Lean Manager

Lean Manufacturing Engineer/Lean Manager Postgraduate Course has been launched in February 2012 by the Department of Engineering Management and Enterprise of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen.

Aim of the postgraduate course is to train professionals who will be capable of rationalizing manufacturing or service and all the related procedures in a result-oriented way by applying the LeanKey method so that they have acquired knowledge in the framework of the postgraduate program. Our students will familiarise themselves with the possibilities of increasing efficiency and reducing loss and will be able to apply the acquired skills within their own organisation in the field of manufacturing and logistics. The aim of the programme is to adopt the Lean philosophy, improve efficiency within the entire organisation, thus create considerable savings/reductions thanks to which even new market segments can be aimed at.  
The Lean Methodology unifies the standard practices of international quality improvement. By applying Lean the processes within the organisation will improve in the areas of production, administration and strategic management. Lean organisations deliver their products more quickly and precise and can keep costs lower than their economic rivals, therefore their positions in the market is continuously getting better. In relation to mass production a Lean organisation is consuming less: it needs less human resources, time and stock during the manufacturing process, thus making an error is minimised, as well. 

Graduates are capable of applying the methods of continuous development and loss reduction with diverse service organisations and production companies. In this way the company can improve the following key indicators: increasing productivity, reducing lead time, improving manufacturing/production cost ratio, stock reduction, lead time reduction, reducing manufacturing area, reducing the time for introducing new product, reducing additional costs of quality improvement.

More and more service organisations and producers in Hungary and the region apply the Lean philosophy. Lean is a customer-oriented system of corporate management and control with the aim of providing internal and external customers with products and services in an efficient way. A lean-oriented enterprise focuses on activities which have market value for the customer.
The Lean philosophy – with constant development as one of its main elements- itself undergoes a change: besides producers it reaches nowadays service organizations, civil service and health service by introducing new thoughts, devices, methods to improve customer satisfaction and create a more effective operation. 
Our postgraduate programme is open for those with a Bachelor’s degree or college degree in: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Business Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering or in a non-engineering field (Bachelor’s degree or college degree in for e.g. Technical Management, Economics, Science or Informatics).
In the former case the qualification is called Lean Manufacturing Engineer, in the latter case Lean Manager.

Programme length: 2 semesters 

Updated: 2019.01.17.

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