Truck Security Engineering Postgraduate Program

This program is available only in Hungarian at the moment.


Duration of the training

  • 2 semesters

Requirements of application

  • Those applicants can be admitted who possesses a degree in bachelor or master training.

The name of the qualification in the diploma

  • Truck Security Engineering Postgraduate Program

The objectives of the training
The objective of the postgraduate program is to train engineers who acquired the dangers, risk, security challenges in shipping and are able to handle them with engineering and management methods and able to provide responsibility at high level, to organize shipping in order that it can be completed at the highest probability as initially scheduled. Its knowledge is acquired by the legal rules of engineering security technology, transport and shipping, in the topics of electronic data management and protection, transportation law and road safety, personal condition of security and organizational methods. The graduated experts as a process organizer or adviser with their acquired knowledge are able to contribute to the increase of shipping security.

The curriculum contains the following subject modules

  • Basic science subjects: 16 credits
  • Geographical Information Systems, Remote Administration, Data Analysis, Risk Management and Transport Procedures Professional subjects: 30 credits
  • Security Analysis of Transport Processes I-II, Technical Security of Shipping and Transport I-II, Legal Rules of Shipping and Transport I-II Additional skills: 9 credits
  • Thesis: 5 credits

ECTS credits: 60, internship: -
Responsible for the training
Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen
Department of Civil Engineering
Imre Kovács PhD., head of department, college professor

Updated: 2020.11.05.

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