Erasmus courses - 2017/2018 spring semester

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Department of Mechatronics

For BSc students:

  • Electrotechnics and Electronics II
  • Hydraulic and PneumaticMachines
  • InstrumentalTechnique
  • Measurements and Automatics I
  • Mechatronics I
  • ProgrammableLogiccontrollers II
  • Robotics

For MSc students:

  • Measurement and modelling
  • Real-time embedded programming

Department of Environmental Engineering

For BSc students:

  • Noise and Vibration Protection I
  • Unit Operations II
  • Soil Protection

Department of Architecture

For BSc students:

  • Architectural representation
  • Public building design


Department of Building Energetics


For BSc students:

Thermal and Fluid Machines I

Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics I


Department of Civil Engineering

In BSc program:

  • Mechanics III. (Dynamics)
  • Basics of Environmental Engineering
  • Public Works I (Water Public Works)
  • Geotechnics I (Soil Mechanics)
  • Transportation Engineering I (Roads)
  • Transportation Engineering II (Railways)
  • Steel Structures I
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures I
  • Geotechnics III (Foundation Engineering)
  • Timber & Masonry Structures
  • Theory of Girders II
  • Building Construction III
  • Steel Structures III
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures III
  • FEM Modelling I
  • Statics
  • Introduction to Building Construction
  • Geoinformatics I

Department of Mechanical Engineering

In BSc program:

  • Machine Elements II
  • CAD Systems II
  • Manufacturing Processes III
  • Frame Structures
  • Drive Train Optimization
  • Machine Repairing I
  • Maintenance Engineering I
  • Process Analysis and Optimization II
  • Logistics II.
  • Qualitity Assurance in Automotive Industry
  • Project Management and Controlling
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Assembly Technology
  • Polymer Technology

In MSc program:

  • Machine and Product Design



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