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In semester 2020/21/1 there is only one MSc Thesis II course open under the name of Ms Judit T. Kiss. Please register for that course, after receiving all the thesis topic announcement forms we will open new courses with each supervisor!

You work two semesters on your thesis. In the first term (MSc Thesis I) you have contact hours with Mr Balázs Kocsi, but the tasks are already connected to you special topic, therefore you have to contact already in this semester the professor/instructur you would like to work with on your thesis. 

Next semester you have to register for MSc Thesis II to your supervisor and you have to submit the thesis topic announcement form to the department. 


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General principles of thesis

Thesis is the creative elaboration of a professional task (fields: engineering processes, economics, marketing, leadership, lean management, project management, corporate finance, management, quality and environment management, production) in written form as defined in the requirements of the training program. By solving the task the student relies on his/her studies using national and international literature under the guidance of an internal (and possibly an external) supervisor. By preparing and defending thesis students who complete the Engineering Management master’s program prove that they are capable of the practical applications of the acquired skills, summarizing the work done and its results in a professional way, creatively solving the tasks related to the topic and doing individual professional work.
Preparing the thesis is a precondition for taking the state exam. Requirements of the training program defines following: content requirements for thesis, the general aspects of the evaluation and the number of credit points assigned to thesis (30). 
The conditions on the acceptance of thesis as National Conference of Scientific Students’ Association (hereinafter NCSSA) topic are specified by the Faculty. The NCSSA work is supposed to meet the requirements in form and content for thesis. Furthermore, it is necessary that the committee of the Pre-NCSSA makes suggestions on the NCSSA work to become a thesis. 



Deadline Task Document(s) needed
During registration period

Registering for the course "MSc Thesis II"

If you know which topic you would like to select or which field of engineering management you are interested in, you should contact an instructor from the Faculty whom you would like as your supervisor (possible supervisors, see thesis topics below. If he/she accepts your topic, you can register for his/her "Thesis" course at the beginning of the semester via NEPTUN. You can sign up for the course usually through the Department or the International Office (Faculty of Engineering).

Till 28 March, 2021

Registration for final exam and submitting thesis topic

For final exam registration please fill out and send the form in the next coloumn. 


Final exam registration form

Till 26 May, 2021

Uploading thesis and PowerPoint Presentation to the e-learning system (details of the upload soon!)


see below "Submitting Thesis" and "PowerPoint Presentation"


Thesis topics are announced by the departments until the end of Week 4 of the study period of the last but one semester. They are available also on the website.Thesis topic can be suggested by the student, as well. In this case the head of department decides on the acceptance of the topic. 
It is recommended to prepare thesis based on the knowledge acquired during the summer internship.


The candidate is supported by the internal tutor (supervisor) and possibly by the external tutor (supervisor), however the task must be solved individually. The supervisors cannot provide the candidate with the solution of the task but they assist him/her in utilizing the literature read, tutorials and other documentations of the company, pointing out exaggerations, consequences of bad start or wrong calculations, laying down the conditions for individual work. 
It is essential to start consulting with your selected supervisor on time. Alongside the production of the thesis continuous consultation is needed. Consultation is mandatory before you start the work and before you submit it. Sub-tasks to be solved are specified by the supervisors.
The profoundness of the elaboration and the proportion of the parts are specified by the supervisors, primarily by the internal one. Thesis is said to be appropriate for submission by the supervisors if it is entirely elaborated and meets the requirements of form and content.
Please take into account what kind of literature is available in regard with your selected topic. 
Candidates are expected to give account of the work done on thesis in the framework of consultations, which is one of the requirements for the course, called MSc Thesis II. 


Confidentiality Agreement


If the company requests it, as the topic is confidential, please use agreements below (there is a difference in the Hungarian and English docs): 

Confidentiality Agreement in English (Company-University-Student)


Confidentiality Agreement (Company - University) in Hungarian

Confidentiality Agreement sample (Company - Student) in Hungarian


Length of thesis (Text without appendices)
The main body of the text of the thesis must be between min. 60-65 A4 pages in length. The table of contents, the list of references and appendixes are not included. Thesis in the English program must be written in English. Both UK and US spelling are possible. 


Layout of thesis

The paper format is DIN A4, portrait orientation.
The thesis must be printed single-sided and bound in hardcover.
The page margin is 30 mm on the left side to allow printing and binding. 
The page margin is 20 mm on the right side.
The page margin is 25 mm on the top/bottom.
The recommended standard font and font size are Times New Roman CE 13, full justification.
Line spacing is 1.5.
The content is structured in consecutively numbered chapters. Chapters and sub-sections should also be assigned a numerical index. For e.g.:

1. Introduction
1.1. Problem definition
1.1.1. Method of inspection, measurement

One chapter requires a minimum of two sub-sections but is not allowed to have more than 4 hierarchical levels. 
Heading of the first hierarchy 16 point, bold; heading 2: 14 point, bold; heading 3: 13 point, bold and italic
Page numbers should be indicated on every page in the bottom right corner.


You can find really usefull academic phrases for your thesis on this website: https://www.ref-n-write.com or http://nnkt.ueh.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Academiv-Phrase-Bank.pdf .


Structure of thesis

Content Description or template
Internal cover page Template for internal cover
Original thesis sheet with thesis number and signature of the head of the department It is edited and printed by the Department based on the submitted registration form. 
Plagiarism Declaration Template for Plagiarism Declaration
Table of content  
List of abbreviations /  list of figures, pictures / list of tables / list of formulas and symbols (if applicable)

The figures and pictures have to be inserted into the body of the thesis document. Please be aware that also figures need to be referenced. In particular, please pay attention to copyright issues and the often-required permission to reprint figures. Figures are to be located between the paragraphs of the text. The text is not allowed to appear around the figures. Figures are to be numbered and captioned underneath.

Tables and figures should be numbered and have a caption. Tables should also contain the units of measurement. Tables are placed in the same way as figures with the exception that numbers and captions appear above the tables.

Figures and tables are numbered independent from each other. There should not be any empty spaces before and after formulas, figures and tables.  

Stressing and sizing procedures must be explained in the text in a way that can be followed by a non-professional reader, as well.

The meanings of letters which stand for concepts or quantities should be included in thesis.

Formulas are to be written first with symbolic signs (Latin and Greek letters, and numbers), then the proper quantities are to be replaced. Formulas appear in separate lines in the middle. Formulas are centred, and numbered continuously on the right in rounded parentheses, like this (1).

Calculated and measured data should be inserted into a table located either in the text or in the Appendix with proper numbering and referring.

Introduction The Introduction is designed to present the tasks, problems to be solved. You should start the main text with an introduction that briefly and clearly outlines the topic of your work and the survey of the specialized literature. 
Literature overview Evaluation of the literature read is an essential part of thesis in which other works - which have been used for writing thesis - related to the topic are introduced. You should reference any source of information (data, statements, pictures, etc.) mentioned in the chapters. Preferably, word-by-word citation is to be avoided. If it is still unavoidable, please indicate that those are someone else’s words and refer to the exact source. It is recommended to reference publications only in the chapters Introduction, Literature overview and Research. The conclusion part should reflect the candidate’s own work. Of course, referring to other works by indicating the source is permitted. Please note supervisors do plagiarism check on thesis!

Any source of information should be referenced properly. Numbering should be designated in square brackets: [4]. The numbers referenced throughout the text should be equivalent to the numbers indicated in the List of references. Numbering in square brackets should be continuous and should start with 1. An entry in the List of references is supposed to follow this order: family name of the author, first name of the author or his/her initial, title and publisher of the book, date of publication. Names and titles in Cyrillic letters should be written in letters of the Latin alphabet, like this:

[1] Hutton, D. V.: Fundamentals of finite element analysis, McGraw-Hill, 2004.

[2] Prezenszki J. (szerk.): Logisztika I. (Bevezető fejezetek), Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem Mérnöktovábbképző Intézet, 1998.

[3] Bokor J. – Balas, G.: Linear parameter varying systems: A geometric theory and applications, In 16th IFAC World Congress, Prague, 2005.

A more detailed guide for referencing

Appendix (if applicable)  


A one-page long Abstract in English (see Abstract template) is also to be submitted with thesis. 
The abstract is not to be bound into thesis. The abstract is supposed to contain the title of thesis, possibly the name of the company which provided the candidate with the topic/task, the objectives, the sub-tasks completed, the methods applied, the applicability of the results, the conclusion or evaluation. 
The abstract is not identical with the “Summary” chapter of thesis (for reasons of restrictions on length), though obviously similar to its content. The abstract is to be written in a way if someone reads this single page, he/she should get an overview of the whole work.
The length of the abstract should be betweem 1800-2200 characters, one page (DIN A/4).

Template for abstract


Plagiarism check (not the same as the plagiarism declaration)

Since 2020 every submitted thesis has to pass through an initial screening (plagiarism detection software) and will be checked against plagiarism. This is done by the supervisor and the result will be sent to the student. The result should be uploaded to the e-learning system while submitting the thesis. 


Submitting thesis

The electronic version of thesis (prepared according to the requirements concerning content and format of thesis) is to be submitted to the e-learning system, by the subject "Thesis submission Engineering Management MSc". 


Electronic version

The electronic version should be uploaded as follows:

  • the whole text of thesis (in Ms Word or PDF), file name: Firstname_Familyname_Neptuncode_THESIS  
  • colour scan of Thesis Sheet with original signature, file name: Firstname_Familyname_Neptuncode_Thesissheet    
  • colour scan of Plagiarism Declaration with original signature, file name: Firstname_Familyname_Neptuncode_Plagiarism  
  • Result of the plagiarism check (Students get it from their supervisor!)
  • abstract in English, file name: Firstname_Familyname_Neptuncode_Abstract_English       
  • (if necessary: colour scan of Confidentiality Agreement with original signature), file name: Firstname_Familyname_Neptuncode_Confidentiality


Evaluating thesis
As by the calculation of the diploma grade the thesis grade is taken into account, let's see the grades you will have connected to the thesis and what is the final grade of it.

1. The course MSc Thesis I.

This grade evaluates your work during the semester.

2. The course MSc Thesis II

This grade evaluates again your work during the semester, and the quality of your (almost ready) thesis is also evaluated within. 

3. Thesis review

The review and a grade suggestion is given by your supervisor, but this is not your final grade. 

4. Thesis defence

As part of your final exam you have to present your thesis and answer the questions of the committee. Based on this presentation (and taken into account the review of your supervisor) the final exam committee will give the final thesis grade. 

If thesis has been unequivocally assessed with a fail by the supervisor, then the candidate is not allowed to take the final exam and is supposed to prepare a new thesis. The candidate has to be notified of the decision. Conditions on resubmitting thesis are defined by the program coordinator.


PowerPoint presentation
Part of the final exam is the thesis defense, therefore a PowerPoint presentation (appr. 8 slides) on your thesis is also to be handed in with thesis. The PowerPoint presentation should be delivered in front of the final exam committee on the day of the final exam. You should submit it on a pen drive or send it to this email address when submitting the thesis to  

Structure of the presentation:
1. slide: Title of thesis, name, date
2. slide: Structure of thesis
3. slide: Company/organization presentation
4., 5., 6. slide: Own research work, results
7. slide: Suggestions
8. slide: Thank you for your attention!


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